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Committed to providing high-performance, domestically produced, chip based, low-cost lasers with a perfect balance between design and efficiency
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E-mail: jimmy@photonx.cn
Website: www.photonx.cn
Add: 1501, Block C, Building 9, Baoneng Science and Technology Park, Qingxiang Road, Longhua District, Shenzhen

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About us

Shenzhen Photonx Technology Co.,Ltd. was established in 2018, with main members of the founding team from Peking University. They have been engaged in the development and research of new optoelectronic technologies for many years and have achieved fruitful research results. The company has multiple optoelectronic technology invention patents, and the Shenzhen headquarters, Beijing branch, and Zhangjiagang branch jointly form a complete system covering chip design & testing & encapsulation, laser device design & assembly and laser modules production.

The main products of Photonx include: single frequency narrow linewidth semiconductor lasers and modules, tunable narrow linewidth semiconductor lasers and modules, photonic crystal lasers, etc. Products are widely used in fields such as coherent optical communication, lidar, fiber optic sensing, laser ranging, and scientific research.


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