The list of the top 50 high growth enterprises in the Greater Bay Area has been released, with Microsource Photonics on the list

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Established in 2018, Microsource Photonics is a supplier of core components for smart car sensors, focusing on the research and production of new electronic components such as hybrid integrated circuits, chip components, supporting optoelectronic modules, and sensors. The high-performance laser chip and supporting optoelectronic module product technology currently developed by Micro Source Photonics is unique in China. Its core resources are high-performance laser chips and supporting modules, and its laser radar related technology plays an important role in the field of autonomous driving. It has applied for multiple laser related patents.

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About the Top 50 High Growth Enterprises in the Greater Bay Area

The "Top 50 High Growth Enterprises in the Greater Bay Area" list was selected and released by the Shenzhen Venture Capital Industry Association, focusing on the three "tracks" of big health, big information, and big manufacturing. By observing the representations of the four dimensions of the participating enterprises' business models, team structures, innovative technologies, and capital market value, the final score of the enterprise is determined. During the selection process, the evaluation committee focused on examining the innovative technology and capital market value of the enterprise, which accounted for 60% of the weight of the selection coefficient. This indicates that the list pays more attention to the innovation ability, research and development investment, technical barriers, patent technology certification, growth rate, total financing amount, financing rounds, the latest round of valuation, investor background, and other contents of the enterprise, reflecting a "high precision and cutting-edge" selection trend.

The Shenzhen Angel Fund managed by Tongwei Capital has been listed as one of the top 20 startup companies by "Moxin Technology" and "Micro Source Photonics", while "Guangjian Technology" has been listed as one of the top 30 growth companies.